Some call them “uggly, ” while others may refer to them “fuggs.” However, the technical term (so we are all on the same page) is Ugg boots!

They are not necessarily a widely accepted piece of fashion. They are, however, the most comfortable footwear I have ever been able to embark upon.

It all started with my very first pair. They were always a goal of mine, but the price made it unreachable. The simple and classic Ugg boot in Sand was all I wanted for Christmas…

However, when Christmas morning came, they were not there. Another type of Ugg boot was. My dream boot was sold out and nothing could compare. The ones I wanted were perfectly timeless and neutral. I wanted them for cold winter days and I had already concocted numerous outfits to wear them with. I waited months for them to arrive on my feet, but when they did, it was perfection.

They strike up conversation, both negative and positive. They result in stereotyping and judgement casting. They are the most controversial type of shoe on the market, and they are officially an epidemic that is tearing people apart.

They are the most controversial type of shoe on the market…

Girls love them, boys love to hate them, and everyone in between who supposedly lacks an opinion is obviously lying to themselves.

My second pair were a big deal. I purchased them myself with essentially all of my Quiznos paycheck. They were the anticipated chocolate-brown Ugg clog. I wanted them in addition to my boots because they brought the same comfort in a new style. These would work perfectly with flared jeans, as opposed to the classic Ugg boots that are more confined to skinny jeans.

To the ones who are in favor of Ugg boots and shoes, I salute you in the most biased way. I agree with your feelings toward these fluffy foot wonders.

I agree with your feelings toward these fluffy foot wonders.

To the ones who are opposed, I cannot help but wonder why? I am going to have to send a sympathy card to your feet.

My Ugg purchases and requests became an annual trend. Every Christmas I requested a new and specific type. Whether it be boot, moccasin, or clog. The colors and styles ranging and forever changing. Regardless, I fell in love with my Uggs. The moccasins were perfect to wear during work because they kept my feet warm and supported. They even have a touch of pink to show my other obsession.

Is it the convention? Maybe the trend? Or the mass amounts of followers? The high price? The name brand maybe is not hipster enough for our generation?

Regardless, you should think twice before writing Ugg boots and shoes off for good.

I am not entirely ignorant, for I know that they go against everything that is deemed fashionable by societal standards. In spite of this, I am in love with them. I am the proud owner of five pairs. All different colors and kinds, of course.

As soon as the temperature drops to unbearable degrees, I break them out. I wish there was an alternative, but where else can one place a neutral colored cloud on their foot and carry on with their day? Exactly.

Where else can one place a neutral colored cloud on their foot and carry on with their day?

I have to walk a lot. I have to walk fast a lot. My feet are exhausted by the time winter arrives every year. They are blistered from my flip flops and sandals, battered from ballet flats, and sore from an overall lack of support.

My most recent (and definitely not my final) pair of Ugg boots were chosen with the added detail in mind. The extra button allows them to be distinguishable, and the warm chestnut color allows them to be versatile not only with colors, but styles as well. These boots can fit over any type of pant and still look lovely.

What can I say, I am not only an advocate, but an addict…

Honestly, what is a girl to do? Resist the temptation and guilty pleasure that are Ugg boots? I think not.

These poor boots and shoes are underestimated. They are ridiculed and hated when all they have ever done is provide an exceptional level of comfort to a part of our bodies that often lacks such a thing.

I will say that I do not wear said boots because everyone on the planet (aka: college campuses across America) has chosen to sport the furry boots. However, even if that is your reasoning, at least you are receiving benefits.

They may be hideous to the sight of some, but to me, they are my comfort. I wear Uggs proudly. I wear them often. And more importantly, I will continue to do so.

I wear Uggs proudly. I wear them often. And more importantly, I will continue to do so.

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