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That is the question. At least among college girls, that is.

Actually, the exact question my ears tend to hear is, “What’s a romper??”

Well for the folks who have found themselves asking that question, a romper is a wonderful and miraculous piece of clothing for people that possess the proper torso length and height to rock the one-piece-overall-chic-look that is a romper.

Now, fortunately no matter what your size is, there likely is a romper out there for you. They come in all sorts of colors, patterns, fabrics and styles. It is only a matter of time until their magic wins you over too.

There are ones with low waistlines. There are ones with natural or higher waistlines. There are fitted ones. There are flowing ones. Essentially, there is a style for every shape.

A romper is also nice because it is reminiscent of the childhood memories you have of wearing coveralls. The reason this memory can be so nice for you is because whether you are able to comprehend this initially or not, this clothing item was the epitome of simplicity during a simpler time in your life.

When you were a kid, you had no worries or fears. Or at least, you had a significantly smaller amount of them than you do now. You got to wear that singular ensemble and do whatever you pleased.

Well, now you can do the same during your post-adolescence with a romper. And you also get to be fashionable with the effortless vibe that we all strive toward.

For the romper haters, I know it’s only because you have yet to find your soul-mate in the world of rompers.

For the romper lovers, I know exactly why you feel so good walking down the street and have that inexplicable smile on your face on the days decide you romp around.

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