To Romp or not to Romp?

Photography by: Paul Barina, PB&J Photography That is the question. At least among college girls, that is. Actually, the exact question my ears tend to hear is, “What’s a romper??” Well for the folks who have found themselves asking that question, a romper is a wonderful and miraculous piece of clothing for people that possess the proper torso length and height to rock the one-piece-overall-chic-look that is a romper. Now, fortunately no matter what your size is, there likely is a romper out there for you. They come in...


Perfect Date-Perfect Outfit

Every girl struggles with this ensemble choice no matter how fashion conscious, forward, or knowledgeable she may be. It is not even about fashion at this point because everything you think and know goes out the window with the excitement and nervousness of an upcoming date. This outfit choice goes beyond the normal rules of fashion. You have to somehow master the art of wearing something that flatters you in the best possible ways, without appearing as if you tried too terribly hard. I like to refer to it...