fashion faux pas


Tuck Your Tummies!

Today was a day when an unavoidable realization hit me. College brings out the worst in people’s wardrobes. The examples are all around us. The lack of sleep and dire need for laziness and downtime overcomes all of us at the most inconvenient of times. We all try and escape this as long as possible, but it spills out eventually. I myself have even been gravitating toward such a lifestyle on certain days. I understand. Fashion easily becomes secondary. But, I still need to vent. So, let the ranting...


No Pants? Not A Chance

**DISCLAIMER** Alright you loyal followers, brace yourselves. This is an uncensored and completely genuine rant by yours truly. It is not meant to be entirely vicious or critical, though it may come across differently. It is not that I am here to judge, but if I said I never judged, I would also be a liar, along with having judgmental issues. At least this way I am not ignorant and I can focus on one flaw at a time. This is the first installment of my venting sessions and...