Flexible Fashion

Photography by Rebecca Ciprus In the midst of the finals frenzy at Ohio University, Michael Maurer, a freshman majoring in Commercial Photography, remained at ease with his effortless ensemble. The day appeared comfortable on it’s exterior, but the blustery wind proved otherwise. Despite this, Michael managed to attain warmth and maintain his fashion with a perfectly styled city-outfit in Athens. Yes, I have always cared about my appearance, but not to be the center of attention. I do enjoy compliments on my outfits or fleeting glances of admiration.” -Michael...


Cherry Blossom Saturdays

A lazy and seemingly empty Saturday in Athens allows one to expect bleak wardrobes accompanied with the gray skies and dead leaves. However, Rebecca Ciprus, Ohio University’s modern day pinup girl who is majoring in Commercial Photography, proved my assumptions incorrect. I woke up in a good mood and wanted to show it through my outfit.” -Rebecca Ciprus “I woke up in a good mood and wanted to show it through my outfit,” said Rebecca. Well, it worked! Her outfit is a lovely display of unique fashion. She shows...