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Some call them “uggly,” while others may refer to them “fuggs.” However, the technical term (so we are all on the same page) is Ugg boots! They are not necessarily a widely accepted piece of fashion. They are, however, the most comfortable footwear I have ever been able to embark upon. It all started with my very first pair. They were always a goal of mine, but the price made it unreachable. The simple and classic Ugg boot in Sand was all I wanted for Christmas… However, when Christmas...


Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Alright, this is a one time thing. I am about to not only break a rule in general (oh the perks of being a goody-two-shoes), but one of my very own rules. Wearing sweats to class is something that happens to everyone at some point. It occurs on the days that we roll out of bed a little too late, or when the sun is not quite alive and awake yet, and even when we are feeling a bit under the weather or chilly. However, it is something that...