Artifacts Gallery


Cold Feet Fix

There is this unfortunate thing called circulation that people often lack. It is a dreadful occurrence that one cannot avoid at this time of year when the weather is turning into a constant state of cold. Your fingers and toes become incurably freezing, even while indoors and under covers. However, there are some clever and fashionable solutions that can fix this frigid problem with ease. Our weekly and ever so anticipated steal and deal is located once again at the Artifacts Gallery on Court Street. This store is seriously...


Mary Jane Madness!

I think it is beyond safe to say that though it is officially the anticipated season of Fall, there is nothing about our ninety-two degree weather that illustrates such a thing. It is hot! Plain and simple. However, I braved the Athenian heat waves to search for a steal and deal of the week for any and all who care to read. Luckily, my efforts were rewarded with a pleasant surprise. Our item of the week for this supposed first week of Fall is located at a local shop...