Hi, my name is Bentley and I am a shopaholic. Please, hold your gasps.

This may be a common problem among women, however, it becomes an issue when you are placed in a time of life where frugality is key.

Regardless of your income level, shopping is something that should always be put last on the priority list. Should is the operative word in that sentence, by the way. One should allot their money wisely and save up as much as they can to plan for the future.

Those people clearly have not heard of “YOLO” (you only live once).

I have this problem with buying things. Even though I am in one of the most retail deprived areas of the world, no offense Athens, I somehow find a way to purchase new things weekly.

A new hair sponge to give myself the perfect bun, some red lipstick I saw on a commercial featuring Sofia Vergara, or  a new piece to add to my wardrobe so I can feel fashionably inspired.

You name it, I have likely done it when it comes to shopping.

I try to be cautious and aware of my spending, but sometimes a retail pick-me-up is what any girls needs. And I have the rest of my life to say “no” and be responsible. In spite of all my justifications, I have still found myself in a predicament.

Should I buy the $60 red pants from The Other Place? Or should I refrain?


1. They fit perfectly.

2. They are red pants.

3. They are cheaper than the Calvin Klein collection.

4. I don’t have red pants yet.

5. They are a really nice neutral color (see Primarily Primary for details)


1. They are still a bit pricey.

2. I already have a pair of colored pants.

3. I am conveniently drawing a blank…

Let’s be honest, no matter how practical that list came out, I was always going to buy the red pants.

Sometimes, it’s okay to indulge. It is even more okay when it is an investment?

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