Alright, this is a one time thing. I am about to not only break a rule in general (oh the perks of being a goody-two-shoes), but one of my very own rules. Wearing sweats to class is something that happens to everyone at some point. It occurs on the days that we roll out of bed a little too late, or when the sun is not quite alive and awake yet, and even when we are feeling a bit under the weather or chilly. However, it is something that has always been discouraged to the aspiring fashionistas, especially the ones dedicated enough to maintain such elitism on their college campuses. I am here to say that my name is Bentley. I wore sweat pants to class. And, I liked it!

Now, this would not be a proper fashion blog if I simply told you something that I wore and enjoyed, expecting you to care (however, I did enhance the sweat pant look with my houndstooth rain boots and red jacket, in case you were wondering.) Therefore, I am going to tell you how to make wearing sweats in public a fashionable experience, not a clichéd train-wreck.

Believe it or not, being comfortable in your clothing is not impossible. Though I am an advocate for the old-fashioned phrase, “beauty is pain, ” there are always loopholes to such things. Beauty in clothing does not have to mean skirts and dresses, fancy tops and fitted jeans, or loads of inconvenient accessories added to your ensemble. It can mean wearing a pair of cute yoga pants and a baseball shirt, or a more fitted and patterned v-neck with matching capri sweats, and even adding a neutral jacket for warmth. This may allow more flexibility and room while you are sitting in class all day. Also, feel free to throw in a nice hair accessory in the form of a headband or flower, or a more daring scarf that compliments the colors you are wearing. You can rock the sleaze right if you follow this one rule. Yes, I am adding a rule as I am breaking one. Don’t judge me.


There really is something to be said tiny comforts that help get you through any dull day, even ones in the form of the ever so wondrous poly-cotton-spandex clothing.

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