Impressive. I can feel your fashion freakout from here in Athens. Maybe because I was experiencing the same thing myself a few hours ago? Another wardrobe crisis has arisen from the “lack” of clothing in your closet, drawers, and under your bed in some cases (no pointing fingers at those of us who brought too many things to college, please). You feel as if you have absolutely nothing to wear right at a time when it matters most. There is a speech or presentation that you must give in one of your classes. Everything you attempt to put together results in making you look out of date or season, incredibly odd, or fatter than you actually are. Just relax, girls. There is always a solution to problems such as these. You simply must not let the closet win this battle without a good fight!

The goal is to look presentable, yet fashionably relevant amongst your peers. Also, standing out to your teacher or professor can only be beneficial at this point in the game. You don’t want it to look like you tried too hard and stressed over this for hours like you really are doing. That would be embarrassing! And, let’s face it, the whole “I’m-wearing-khaki-pants-so-I-dressed-up” bit is overplayed. So, why don’t we take a look at what you have, shall we?

The goal is to look presentable, yet fashionably relevant.

Option 1: A pair of black or dark-wash skinny pants, with a nice top (not too much cleavage or skin, please, and thank you in advance from the poor people in the front row). Maybe some ballerina flats that may or may not have sparkles and bows on them while maintaining being ostentatious in the best possible way is a solid option. The nice thing about this ensemble is that you can have fun, and add accessories to make it more creative and fancy. This would be considered decorative headbands or flower hair clips, chunky necklaces or bracelets, or my personal fave: gigantic flower rings!

Option 2: If you are able to still feel comfortable standing in front of your class wearing a skirt or dress without constantly fidgeting (some have mastered such a technique), then I suggest this option. For those of you who have, I salute you. I also recommend something that is long enough to not get caught in your under garments–you all know what I am talking about. It also would not hurt to add a nice cardigan over whatever dress or skirt you choose to add a more conservative effect. Otherwise, have at it! This type of outfit is appropriate and tends to take care of itself.

Option 3: Be innovative and pick something that goes with your presentation topic, or something that is entirely unpredictable. There is nothing better than adding a spontaneous element of surprise for your audience to keep them interested.

NOTE: Don’t wear heels. It is not necessary, or worth the blisters. And, it is definitely not worth the inevitable face-plant that will occur at some point during your day 🙂

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