Photography by: Maddy Hastings

I can say with a clean conscience that I appreciate when guys dress nicely and are aware of themselves fashionably. However, I cannot say that I enjoy walking down Court Street and feeling like I am in Cape Cod and have missed the memo.

If you look like J. Crew has vomited on you, or a Crayola box has melted into your wardrobe, that actually does not mean you have succeeded in your outfit choice. I am sorry if you were confused.

There are ways to achieve the look you are going for without wearing a rainbow and having iconic anchors on your shorts.

This is what you are doing:

What is wrong with this outfit? There are too many focal points. Your eye does not know whether to look at the glow of his shorts and shoes, the contrasting red and green shirt combo or the popped collar.

This is what I want you to be doing:

What is right about this outfit? The colors pair nicely together and complement him, not the other outfit items. It says that he is casual and laid back, but likes to look nice.

If you want to wear shorts with a pattern or bright colors, try pairing the main piece with something simple like a solid crew or v-neck shirt. Even a light and subtle oxford-style shirt that you can wear un-tucked and unbuttoned.

It is not necessarily a bad thing to look like a “Bro” or be preppy. It is only bad when you take it over the top and you notice people snapping your picture as you walk down the street (trust me, that photo is in the process of becoming a harsh Facebook status later).

Stick to one brightly colored or patterned item, and tone it down with a shade of brown instead of white.

Feel free to rock your Sperrys and even feel free to wear those salmon colored shorts you are excited about. But please, spare yourself the comments and stares and watch what you pair together.

Just because it is all Ralph Lauren, does not mean it should all be worn together.

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