Today is a day to be acknowledged. It is the kind of day when the weather is comfortable enough to wear the outfits you have been anticipating, without a jacket or some type of suffering. The sun is beaming through the fluffy white clouds and contrasting blue skies of Athens. While the wind is blustering at the perfect rate, I cannot help but simply smile. Yet all I really notice is fashion, fashion everywhere!

Fashion truly is contingent upon the weather, which is why I always like to mention it to a certain extent. Or maybe it is my hidden, yet pressing desire to be a weather-woman…Regardless of that, my eye was officially caught on Shannon Ferralli’s ensemble for a myriad of reasons.

Firstly: she wore leggings, BUT she wore them correctly as any female should! See No Pants? Not A Chance! for elaboration.

Secondly: her color scheme was perfectly appropriate for the later month of October, but the moderate temperature we are experiencing. The black-and-white-only allows for a simple color contrast. It is a universal chromatic pallet that can be worn year round, so the time of year is never an issue.

Thirdly: she wore an outfit that flattered her figure and made her feel good. This is what I am all about-the power of clothing.

Shirt: Forever 21

Bow-Tie Belt: Forever 21

Leggings: The Other Place

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Shannon’s outfit illustrates everything I have been addressing and stressing in my blog thus far. She wears what she wants and expresses her personal style with no one else in mind. Her goal today was to look nice and put together for her public speaking presentation, while simultaneously rocking an outfit she has been dying to wear.

Shannon is a freshman at Ohio University majoring in Education, but she would like to be a Nanny. She is a true fashion fan who is loyal to her fave stores, even while in Athens. These include her ideal shopping experience at Buckle, and every college girl’s vice, Forever 21. Shannon is dedicated enough to check up on these sites daily, due to withdraw from her regular fashion experiences. She finds inspiration from these stores along with her top high fashion designer of choice, Betsey Johnson.

Shannon is wearing a lovely example of the perfect college outfit. You can wear it walking around campus all day and still be comfortable. Yet, you remain effortlessly cute and put together with ease. I officially give my fashion kudos to Shannon. Also, Shannon is a firm believer in the comforting concept of retail therapy. This is a girl’s true cure to any problem. This can range from a need for a confidence boost, to a bad breakup, or even an awful day.

I know it sounds a bit bad to say that clothing can fix everything, but honesty is the best policy. Right?

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  1. Samuel Rhoades says
    11 October 12 at 5:38pm

    Totes gotta agree that I’m all about the power of clothing. It’s incredible how strong it is too. When one dresses to impress, they normally succeed. I know i do, at least!


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