Bent’s (Ray)ves


Glasses: The Necessary Accessory

I think we should all start off by thanking the unknown, ancient genius who created the irreplaceable invention of glasses. Additionally, we should thank the fashion world for transforming them into a statement of style. we should thank the fashion world for transforming glasses into a statement of style These lenses that have been able to perfect our imperfect vision since before the 13th century, have evolved from being a necessary item into a fabulous accessory for any outfit or occasion. They can add all sorts of edge, flair,...



Some call them “uggly,” while others may refer to them “fuggs.” However, the technical term (so we are all on the same page) is Ugg boots! They are not necessarily a widely accepted piece of fashion. They are, however, the most comfortable footwear I have ever been able to embark upon. It all started with my very first pair. They were always a goal of mine, but the price made it unreachable. The simple and classic Ugg boot in Sand was all I wanted for Christmas… However, when Christmas...