Just in case you have yet to become aware of this reality, it is cold. I thought I would let everyone know. The beloved season that we all anticipated and adored (okay fine – the one I won’t shut up about) is passing us by without allowing us to use up it’s full fashion potential. All I can say is, shame on you Mother Nature! I wanted my jackets and closed-toed shoes before my coats and boots. It is simply too soon. The “Northface-jacket-Ugg-boot-combo’s” have already been broken out, and there is no going back. Or, is there?

For those of you out there who regrettably failed to bring all of your winter weather clothing to college at this point in the year, have no fear. Layering was invented for a reason and there are plenty of things you can do to maintain ultimate warmth with what is already present in your closet.

The “Northface-jacket-Ugg-boot-combo’s” have already been broken out, and there is no going back. Or, is there?

Try taking advantage of the darker and deeper colored clothing you have. Even if it is a tank or short-sleeved shirt, you can always throw a cardigan (patterned or solid) over it. And, if you are feeling extra daring, a basic long-sleeved shirt underneath it! This will make wearing a lighter jacket possible because you have hidden warmth.

And please, embrace the scarf. It not only achieves the effortless look while adding vibrance to your outfit, but it keeps your neck warm. Shh! Don’t tell.

Now, I know it is painful to put away the pastels and florals so soon, but it needs to be done. When the temperature drops, so does the fashion color scheme. As much as we all love colors and brightness, break out the charcoal, gray, and black like you are walking down the street in NYC! Make white more of a secondary color in your personal palette for now, or allow it to simply be in the midst of a pattern (houndstooth anyone?) Try taking it down a notch with ivory and tan instead.

You can always add a splash of color with your accessories, camis, socks and tights, or jackets. Red, yellow, and blue are surprisingly very good neutrals. They are primary colors and often go well with any other color family. Also, they add brightness and allow you to stand out – and who doesn’t love that?

Finally, don’t be afraid to go gray. It’s not boring. It is classic.

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  1. Kelly says
    07 October 10 at 4:19pm

    Black, white, and gray? Yes please.


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