There is something so perfect about wearing men’s wear-type clothing. It is a powerful style that has the ability to alter your mood simply because you know you look good in it.

I personally love rocking men’s wear whenever I get the opportunity. It has become a universal style that can look good and flatter most everyone, regardless of body type. It simultaneously causes the ever so desirable double take from people that pass you by because they are thinking the same thing: she looks good, and I am not quite sure why…

They are all thinking the same thing: she looks good, and I am not quite sure why…

Though a good majority of clothing stores and runways are embracing and providing the men’s wear styles through their clothing, that is not your only option. Chain stores tend to be more expensive, and what college student has money to spare? Exactly.

However, check out Stella McCartney’s Spring 2011 Collection video, inspired by menswear for ideas and H&M for frugal options!

Thrift stores are always a good place to look first. Check out their men/boys section for oxfords, flannels, denim shirts, sweaters, blazers, etc. You can find some that are closer to your size, or get larger ones to have more options to play with. Odds are, you will even be able to find designer or name brands for a very low price, or male clothing that has a gender-neutral pattern that pleases you.

Also, it never hurts to look at the men’s pants or shorts thrift stores have to offer.

You can always experiment with them and have a nice little art project for yourself by cutting them into shorts or skirts.

However, my favorite men’s wear as women’s wear option is to raid my brother or dad’s closet when I am home. I discovered this when I failed to bring home enough outfit options for the weekend. It is the most economical option because it is free! Permission for such a clothing mission is ideal, but temporarily thieving is always a valid option.

The best thing about this style is that it provides you with so much room to experiment. You can add all kinds of accessories, belts, and cardis.

You can even wear their shirts with skinny pants or leggings because they will likely be long enough to still be fashionable. Also, this movement is fashion forward and I do not think it is going anywhere soon.

So feel free to raid your boyfriend, brother, or dad’s closet sometime. It adds dimension to your wardrobe and the best part? It is so comfortable and adorable! People will admire your innovation.

P.S. My new fave clothing item I recently acquired is a blue plaid button-up from my brother’s closet over the weekend. The funny part? He would know if he read my blog posts. If it is wrong, then I do not want to be right!

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  1. Samuel Rhoades says
    10 October 12 at 11:15pm

    Totally excited that you have multiple blogs on cardigans. I’ll read all of them and take your advice into consideration as much as i can (bein a guy an all)… Wearing a guys cardigan is surprisingly appealing to me. Unfortunately i don’t think i could pull of a woman’s cardi.


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