When you are a child, you are taught the color wheel in some elementary art class or another. Though it probably didn’t seem like a big deal at the time because your mother was still picking your outfits, and you had no reason to analyze what colors caught people’s eyes the most yet.

But I’m going to guess your art teacher showed you an awesome looking wheel that maybe tricked you into thinking it was a game akin to Twister? Or, I was/am more abnormal than I would like to admit.

Regardless, this color wheel is able to become like magic when you grow up and begin to create your own ensembles. You start to realize what looks good together and what looks awful based on chromatic and logical reasoning.

Then, as you get even older and your style continues to improve and mature, you find that there are certain colors that look perfect with everything. I know I hate to be the girl that has the awkward backpack or purse with an awesome pattern, but definitely ends up clashing with the majority of my wardrobe (yes, true story).

So one has to be sensible and conscious of their color decisions.

You have neutral shades that can typically blend and extend whatever you have on.



<–Neutral shades can be versatile–>



You have blacks, grays and whites that never cease to be the perfect base of any pattern or outfit.

And then you have my favorite: the primary colors.

Red, yellow and blue in their purest forms are surprisingly the most neutral colors a person can wear. And, when used in their original shades, they can be completely universal as seasons transition.

They look good when paired together, when used as a pop of color and when all are present in a pre-made pattern. What more could a person ask for or expect from a collection of colors? Exactly.

I would suggest, based on personal choices and results, jackets, purses/bags/backpacks, shoes and belts are the prime uses for the primary colors– essentially, items that you use frequently and for multiple purposes.

You will stand out, be noticed and be fashionable. And sometimes look like a kindergarten teacher or Crayola advertisement, but life is all about risks, right?

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